How would a critical illness, like a stroke or a heart attack, affect your finances?

Our Critical Illness Cover is designed to pay either a lump sum or an income if you suffer a critical illness like a stroke or heart attack, thus providing funds to help you keep up with mortgage or rental payments, debts and bills. It means you can take the time to recover fully without the anxiety of money worries.


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  • Fit? Well? Healthy? Unfortunately, every year many people have their lives turned upside down (and their financial security undermined) by a serious illness such as cancer, heart disease or a stroke.
  • A Critical Illness Insurance Policy is designed to pay a sum of money on you being diagnosed with a 'critical' illness, as specified in the policy terms and conditions, thus providing funds to help you repay your mortgage and other debts and bills until you can work again. Alternatively, the policy proceeds could be used to pay any additional care costs that may be incurred as a result of the illness.
  • Take the time to recover fully without the anxiety of worrying about money.
  • 'Best Doctors' from AVIVA provides a second opinion from any specialist anywhere in the world.

1 in 2 people will develop cancer in their lifetime1, November 2016.


  • Your Critical Illness Policy offers different options to suit your circumstances and your pocket. Your Financial Adviser will be able to explain what is available, guide you through the options and answer your questions.
  • You will receive personal face to face advice (or by telephone if you prefer) and this will clarify the areas you need to consider and enable you to prioritise and make informed decisions from our recommendations.
  • A personal illustration will show you how little protection can cost. To speak to someone about what to do next, call us on 01392 453568.

Around 1.2 million people in the UK have had a stroke2, November 2016.